USB Disk Security

USB Disk Security 6.7

Prevents USB dongles from infecting the PC

Blocks threats coming from flash disks, USB drives, pen drives, iPods, or other external storage devices that connect to a USB port and stops them from affecting your computer.

USB Disk Security is a completely portable solution for use in any USB device (pen drives, flash memories, etc) that requires no installation, just needs to be run from the USB device. It is both a powerful antivirus and anti-spyware.

Nowadays, any safety and security measure for your computer isn't enough. So, if you continuously have to work moving from one computer to another, then nothing better than having a tool like USB Disk Security.

In this way, USB Disk Security will be always with you, data stored in the USB will be more safe and protected.

Installed as any program, it creates a protective resident that runs automatically when you connect an USB storage device or pen drive, blocking suspicious files or viruses, giving the chance to delete or just ignore the threat.

My advice is that if you find something, give it to delete, then use your favorite antivirus to scan the drive and prevent the infection from your computer.

USB Disk Security is the best software in the world able to block threats via USB drive.

Oscar Upegui
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  • 100% protection against any threats via USB drive
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